TalkingTrees is a project by Bert Barten and a collaboration between artists, musicians, scientists and nature lovers.

It is a project to let the audience experience direct contact with nature through music.

The result is an interactive audiovisual performance. It consists of four tree sensors which are connected to a series of analogue synthesizers. The sensors provide information about the sap flow speed, foto synthesis, volatile organic compounds and moisture.

This information determines the pitch and timbre of the synthesizers and also their spatial positioning.

The sound subsequently controls a couple of graphic image generators which are projected on big video screens.

The digital data of a tree which were collected during one year have been compressed in time and translated into musical values

One month became twenty minutes (as in a time lapse film).  The data of eight months (in winter this tree slept) resulted in eight musical pieces of the months april to november.

By this method of working the ego of the composer moves to the background. Now the source of the musical composition lies with the tree itself.


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a project by Bert Barten

“…if you go into a forest and get very quiet and then start with ‘Deep Listening’, you will come to understand that you are connected with everything…”

– Bert Barten


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TalkingTrees will perform at the Caprera Music & Lights Festival in Bloemendaal/The Netherlands on Friday 8 and Saturday 9 September.

This open-air festival takes place in the woods surrounding Caprera’s open air stage. Visitors can follow various ‘color routes’ through the forest so the groups can stay small and intimate. Mobile bars and food-trucks are scattered over the area.

For more information follow this link:   Caprera Music & Lights Festival

TalkingTrees presented their first CD and LP “Live” at the unique location of Radio Kootwijk. On sunday April 15 the large radio hall was filled with 400 spectators. After an introduction by host Petra Kalden guest speakers Harry Starren and Wim Hof elaborated on the theme ‘humans and nature’. Bert Barten continued with a discussion with the audience and responded to questions.

The evening was completed by an integral performance of the “Live” CD. The TalkingTrees line-up consisted of Hans Aalbers, Floris Kolvenbach, Dennis Verschoor and Dennis Sacerdos Vigilia on synthesizers, Hans Meijer visuals and Bert Barten soundmixing.  

The CD&LP are available via the TalkingTrees OnlineStore. A TalkingTrees T-shirt has been added to the collection.

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